Some information from the Greenbuilding-L where the question was raised: “What is a typical range for BTU/SF/Year for average housing stock?  What would be a very good number for this figure-of-merit in a typical well made home?  (besides zero)”

For the audits, we did last year the average was 28,572 BTU / Degree-Day ( I don’t have figures for the average sqaure footage, probably around 2000.  We are in a 7500 Degree-Day / Year climate).   It should be noted that this is a self-selected sample, and we have some of the worst housing stock in the country (as far as energy efficiency is concerned).  The Passivehaus standard for those would be around 2000 BTU / Degree-Day (which if nothing else is an admirable goal).  These figures are for total energy usage by the way.

I compute BTU/SF/HDD for my clients where possible as a benchmark figure.  Below 5 is quite rare for the houses I’ve tested. 5-10 is typical for “modern” building stock. 10-20 is what I see for early/mid century homes with poor insulation.

Benchmark consumption data is summarized in the 2030 Challenge Targets Table: or

I’m intrigued by the BTU/SF/HDD figure.  That seems like it might make a decent metric for comparison.  I’ll have to take a look at the 2030 Challenge site information, as well.