Here is a question that came up at work, and which I’ve contacted Real-Life LEED about to see if anyone in that community has any ideas.

How do you determine how much of the recycled content of a material is also qualified as a regional material?

Say you are collecting post-consumer material at a plant and producing a new product that has 70% recycled content from that material. If the plant is within the 500-mile radius of the project, then the product should qualify for both MR4 Recycled Content and MR5 Regional Material. But, how do we determine where the recycled content came from? It’s likely that some of that post-consumer material came from outside our 500-mile radius, and some from within. But it’s going to be impossible for the plant to tell us whether our product contains locally collected post-consumer material or not.

The LEED manual addresses the issue for MR3 Material Reuse, and I expect it would be similar for recycled material, but it isn’t explicit.