Things fell off a cliff shortly after I started posting to this blog. I short, I was laid off from my old job, and that has had me running around a bit these last couple weeks. Some of it has been good; I’ve been re-connecting with a number of different people on a variety of things, including job leads, as well as a couple of local contacts who are working on green building technologies and who both had proposals in for the EPA-SBIR review I attended a couple months ago.

This blog now much more definitively becomes a blog for the newly formed p s proefrock architecture llc which is now my company. It isn’t going to immediately replace my old job, but it gives me a structure under which to do projects on my own. In the past couple months, in books I’ve been reading, I’ve come across a couple different references to Steve Jobs getting fired from Apple being one of the best things that happened for him. I’ve also heard the commercials pointing out that Microsoft Corp was started during a recession. In a sense, being unemployed gives you the time and opportunity to do crazy and foolish things like starting your own business.

In addition to architecture, I am also going to be building a portfolio of architectural photography and trying to market my services along those lines, as well. I do have a background in photography, too, after all. There is probably a wider market for that than there is for yet another architect hanging out his shingle in the midst of an economic collapse.

I am also looking at some other things I may be able to do, including some additional writing. There is also a possibility that I could do more consulting for the EPA or other agencies along the lines of the SBIR review I attended at the end of September. But that was at the end of a cycle, so they may not contact me about anything like that for a while. I can also offer LEED consulting services, although I suspect that is becoming an increasingly crowded field. Walkthrough consultation is something else I could do, and I will get that added to the website, as well.

A decade and a half ago, I was an underemployed copy monkey with an MFA (I don’t know if there has ever been another copy shop with two staff members with advanced degrees in photography). I had been starting to think about going back into architecture (my original undergraduate major) when I got laid off because the company decided to close the store. Thanks to some fortuitous events, a few months later I was in the architecture program at Miami University and that was the beginning of my current career.

A couple months ago I finally got my architectural license, and had started to think about setting up my own practice. Now that I’ve been laid off, things are greatly in turmoil, but there are a lot of possibilities ahead.