It probably is going to be useful to follow this series of blog posts from Modative, a southern California architecture firm that I recently came across.  (Their site’s orange color scheme is also reminiscent to me of Workantile‘s.)

Since I am starting a new firm here, myself, I am interested in seeing what they have to offer, and if there are any kernels of wisdom they have to offer.  They are in their 20s, I think, which puts them close to a generation younger than me, but I am not above thinking that I can learn from someone much younger than I am.

Their company was started in 2006 and has a good web presence for themselves.  They are practicing architecture and bloggingabout it as well, which is what I hope to be doing with this site, myself.  I like how they are going about it in a fairly transparent way, and really working at being accessible.

I have gotten another inquiry from someone about architectural services.  So, perhaps this is going to turn into more than just an idle sideline, and I may be able to turn my circumstances into a real architectural practice.  And I haven’t really done anything yet to begin marketing or announce my practice yet.

I’ve been working at Workantile, the co-working space in downtown Ann Arbor, for the past week or so to see how it is working here.  I’ve been able to do some writing, and have even been able to get some help with my computer having wireless connectivity problems.  The people here have been very friendly and welcoming.  And I like the idea of being able to have an address I can meet people at (potential clients, sales reps, etc.) that isn’t going to be just sitting in my living room.