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I am always glad when I have a chance to write something positive for my adopted home state of Michigan (or, more broadly, for the Great Lakes region).  My brush with celebrity: seeing Bill Ford, Jennifer Granholm, and (possibly future governor) Andy Dillon at the Ford announcements today.


At the Detroit Auto Show on Monday, Ford Chairman William Clay Ford announced that the company was going to be investing an additional $450 million in facilities for the production of batteries and electric vehicles. Ford spoke of bringing battery technology back “in house,” and returning research and production of battery systems as a “core competency” for Ford. This move will relocate production from Mexico back to Ford’s home state of Michigan, a move which was welcomed by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, who shared the stage at the announcement.

Ford’s announcement comes shortly on the heels of GM opening its own battery manufacturing facility in Brownstown Township, MI.

The two long time automotive rivals appear to be opening a new chapter in their competition, and are setting the stage for electric cars to be an increasing part of the vehicle mix.