I have now officially joined Workantile.  As I said in my application form, I’ve been practically stalking this place since it got started.  There are good reasons for that.  And, back in December, I came in for a couple of weeks and did the two week free trial of the place.  Now, I’ve officially joined.

It’s nice to have a destination and a place to go and work.  I’ve got space in the basement at home, and I’ll be spending plenty of time there, as well.  Variously known as “The Lair” or my “man-cave,” it is the home to my collection of books, product catalogs, material samples, as well as all the supplies I’ve accumulated over the past couple decades.  I have my grandfather’s drawing table, which I cherish despite the fact that I’ve done almost no hand drafting since I got out of school.

Workantile was intriguing to me as soon as I learned it was going to be starting in Ann Arbor.

My architectural thesis project was a Cohousing and Co-working space located in Chicago.  The idea of a shared work facility, telecommuting center, meeting space, etc. was the interesting part of that project, and I’ve been continuing to follow the coworking movement as I have seen more and more articles talking about it.

Google must be spying on me.  I can’t believe my own work would be the first thing to come up on a Google search for “dwelling work post-industrial.” If you really want to read the thesis, you can find it on OhioLINK.  There aren’t many of Miami University’s architectural theses online, but mine is one of them.