It’s a rare day when any architect shows up in news coverage.  We used to gripe about the credits, or more accurately, the lack thereof, in the (now deceased) Ann Arbor News when they talked about local building projects.  Whether the projects were ones we were working on, or another firm’s projects, it always seemed that developers would be credited for images, even when they came directly from us.

So, from that perspective, any press about an architect is better than what I’m used to seeing.  And seeing a tweet about a local architect in the paper we refer to as “The Penny Saver” led me to read it.  The article profiles a local architect I know only by name, but credits him with the first green roof building in Ann Arbor, overlooking the AADL Malletts Creek Branch (which I happened to work on, so I’m pretty sure of my facts on this) when I was at Luckenbach|Ziegelman Architects.

ETA: I wrote to the article author, and got a reply that she meant to say first *commercial* green roof.  We’ll see if the article gets corrected.