Came across this post on about setting up a home office and chimed in with a comment about co-working spaces.  Even if you have a work space at home (and I have a home office down in the basement, myself), there are some things that don’t work well in a home office setting.

I’m not too thrilled at the prospect of meeting clients or manufacturers’ product representatives for a meeting here.  We have young kids, and it would be next to impossible to keep the place presentable for meetings; I’m not sure that’s the best use of my time, either.  I can stand a degree of kid-messiness and -chaos, but I don’t want to subject business contacts to that.  My living room is also not furnished with a conference table and business seating.  So, even if it was exceedingly clean, it’s not an ideal setup for meetings.  We also have a corgi who is loudly opinionated about the proximity of strangers, even if I lock him in a back bedroom.

A coworking space gives me a chance to have a place to go, and people I see somewhat regularly, much like it was when I was working at a firm.  I like taking the bus and having that transition into work-mode, just like when I was working for someone else, and the ability to be able to stop at the end of the day and go home.  Going up and down the basement steps can accomplish the same thing, I suppose, but having the transition take a few minutes rather than a few seconds is helpful for me.

Our local co-working space, Workantile Exchange, offers a bus pass and local merchant discounts (and potentially a corporate-level membership in Zipcar coming soon, too, which would be very tempting for me), and even pizza Thursdays.  It’s more than just renting a desk.  It’s a destination and a place that helps provide some work/life separation in a very compelling way.