As you may know, I’ve been writing for EcoGeek since 2006.  Since then, I’ve delved into writing for other blogs from time to time.  I’ve been a semi-regular contributor for JetsonGreen for a couple of years, and have been looking for some additional opportunities to do additional writing, now that I’m working for myself.  A couple of new things are nowcoming into the mix, as well.

I’ve been talking with Matt Grocoff about his project, GreenovationTV for the past few months, particularly since we are both working from the Workantile coworking space.  I’m starting to contribute articles for the Greenovation blog, with the first one being posted earlier this week.

I also responded to a call for writers for Inhabitat, and got an email from them last week saying I was one of their top applicants and asking me to provide a couple of sample articles.  So I’ve had one article on Inhabitat so far, and another one I’ve turned in that should be posted later this week.

All in all, the writing leg of the work I’m trying to do now seems to be pretty well set.  Getting the photography and the architectural practice to the same level are going to be the next steps.  There are some leads on the architecture, and a couple of other possibilities that could be in the offing, as well.  And now that the weather is beginning to turn nice, I’m going to have to get out a bit and start working on my photography portfolio, as well.