I like this symbol for accessibility, and the ideas behind it:

In the new pictogram the person’s arm and back are in position to push the wheelchair forward, unlike the stiffly upright and passive wheelchair user depicted in the original.  By removing the sharp corners from the person’s body and wheelchair, the design also reflects the great strides that have been made in wheelchair design and the increased independence and mobility this has given users.

I’m just not sure if it looks wheelchair-y enough, or if it looks like a guy on a hippity hop.

We had an alternative version of the symbol at a firm I worked for a few years ago that was angled forward, rather than the traditional, upright version. The block (the particular file with that drawing which could be inserted into a larger CAD drawing) was named “Speedy.”

Unfortunately, it’s probably not legal to use an alternative version like this, or at least not without a great deal of hassle. A little flexibility would be a good thing.