[Originally posted on EcoGeek. I have really liked the Volt, but it didn’t look like it would be too practical for a family car. But here, I think I’ve found the electric car I want (though any electric car is going to be a distant dream for me for a while; I’m sure this would be even more out of my price range than the Volt will be).

Wondering why I didn’t hear about this from GM, but had to stumble on it on GM-Volt and Inhabitat instead.]


Some interesting Earth Day news comes from Chevy. It’s a new Volt, which is being unveiled in China today: “Chevrolet is leveraging Auto China 2010, which starts today in Beijing, to introduce the Volt MPV5 electric concept. The five-passenger multi-purpose crossover concept demonstrates the potential of the Voltec propulsion system by utilizing the same foundation as the Volt, for gas- and tailpipe emissions-free electric driving.

The MPV5 uses the same Voltec propulsion system found in the Volt. “The same T-shaped 16 kwh lithium ion battery and 1.4 L 4 cylinder generator is used, but in this configuration only has an EV range of 32 miles, with an additional 300 miles of gas range on a full tank.”

The Volt MPV concept is slightly bigger in all dimensions, as well as being in a crossover configuration. The Volt MPV5 has a slightly longer wheelbase, and is about 7 inches (181 mm) longer, 3 inches (73 mm) wider, and 7 inches (182 mm) taller than the Volt. The Volt MPV5 also offers 62.3 cubic feet (1764 liters) of cargo space with the seats folded and 30.5 cubic feet (863.7 liters) of space with the seats up.

GM obviously believes in the REEV platform they have developed with the Volt. Although there are no production plans for this concept vehicle yet, it is good to see potential alternatives that could leverage GM’s work and reach other consumer segments with different versions of the electric car concept.

via: GM-Volt.com