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SHINE: Washing Machine Concepts from Milan Design Week

Electrolux concept washing machine
The Milan Design Week offerings included a couple of new conceptual designs for washing machines called SHINE from Electrolux Design Lab. These small, sleek laundry units are designed with an awareness of smaller and smaller living spaces. One is designed for integration into a bathroom, and the other is so small it can be hung on a wall.

The ring of LED lights around the door also functions as a visual indicator of the machine’s process, and provides a signal when the cycle is done. The high gloss finish and the styling of the machines are intended for a space where the machines are going to be regularly visible.

Both are designed so that they can be integrated into a small living space that may not have a separate laundry room. The wall mounted unit will only be able to do a small load of laundry at a time, but would also use less than a gallon of water per load.

As concept pieces, there is not yet any information about the energy use of either of these. The SHINE washers are only concepts (not actual products), at least for now.

+ Electrolux Design Lab