Hydro Lance Recycles Jets into High-Speed Planeboats
– Yeah, I cover the weird beat for Inhabitat, too. More pix in the full article. I still think an ekranoplan is way cooler, though.

Homasote – 100 Years of Sustainability

AIA COTE Top 10 for 2010

I wish AIA didn’t define ‘green’ so narrowly – “While some of the winners do appear likely to be in walkable, transit-served urban environments, that does not seem remotely to have been a criterion in AIA’s awards selection.”

“I suppose AIA might argue that the jury was only interested in evaluating what the architects influenced, and the surrounding contexts were beyond their control. But architects influence neighborhood-scaled projects as much as institutional ones, and some rise greatly to the challenges of fitting into an urban setting in a way that faciliates public life and community sustainability, not just building sustainability, while respecting the neighborhood.”

Is the Profession of Architecture Corrupt? – Some of the criticisms seem off-base to me (unpaid internships, technically minded specialist programs in schools) and certainly aren’t my experience. But other criticisms are more accurate. More a piece for thought than a piece I wholeheartedly agree with, but a useful quick read.