A profile of Pugh + Scarpa from Residential Architect; there’s another firm I’d like to be when I grow up. (Also, Lawrence Scarpa is not related to Carlo Scarpa)

“If things continue this way, it may actually mean a renewal of architecture’s onetime commitment to elevating the lives of ordinary people” – New York Times on a possible trend for the decade – architecture firms working on projects for middle- and lower-income clients.

Quote of the month from Edward Lifson’s Hello Beautiful: “Trees and architecture. All architecture- even glass architecture- comes from trees, and competes and cooperates with them.” (in reference to SANAA winning this year’s Pritzker Prize, and specifically in response to visiting the Glass Pavilion at Toledo Museum of Art).

Guest post for AATA’s May Commuter Challenge blog: Making a Commute Productive

This was something that came across my Twitter feed and which is worth thinking about: “Seriously: what if, in a post-scarcity world, it turns out that all of humanity’s worst aspects were constrained by scarcity?” [source]

Another shipping container project. I was going to write about this for Inhabitat, but another editor wrote about it first. Several more pictures of it there.