Green Options Media has gone through quite a bit of upheaval since I left. (Let’s be clear though, my leaving wasn’t a factor in the upheaval. I was a small backwater in the whole operation.) With the end of Green Options earlier this year, I was afraid that I had lost the archive of the various articles I had written for the original Green Options blog, as well as the subsequent spinoff Green Building Elements. And part of my use of this blog is to maintain an archive of some of the writing that I do for just that kind of reason.

But I’ve just found out that Green Options has been rebranded and relaunched as Important Media, and the site appears to have all of my old articles collected together. There are also the short pieces I did for EcoScraps and Gas 2.0 (which has spun off in a different direction). I may eventually go and bring some of those articles in here, to archive them. Or I may revisit some of the topics I looked at a couple years ago, to see if anything has changed.