I’ve done a little work on the p s proefrock architecture website, and I should have some further improvements coming soon. I’ll wait until after next Tuesday (after AIAHV’s ArchiFest) to post an image of my board, but that will probably be the main page image for a while.

There are some other new projects and images to be added, as well. I have to assemble some of the Workantile renovation information together, as well as a revised version of the unnamed project (the first version of which is currently the main page image).

I added a contact form, mostly as an experiment, especially since my email address is right on the same page. Someone has sent me a couple of blank forms, so if you are legitimately trying to contact me, the form may not be working correctly, and I suggest you try another method to get in touch. On the more likely instance that it’s a bot or someone just testing things they find, thanks for your interest.