I’ve been on effective hiatus for the last month or so, with a sudden death in the family and the loss of our family dog in the last month. In short, it was a rotten month, and I’ve been kept busy with things other than work. At last, though, things are starting to clear once again, and I’m getting back to work on some various projects.

The shelf I designed, and which was one of the projects shown on my ArchiFest display board, is coming together. The steel frame has been fabricated, and the aircraft cable fittings are supposed to arrive tomorrow. The wood shelves are being finished this weekend, and, depending on our various schedules, I’ll probably be putting it together next week.

The original aim was to get the shelves completed for a Christmas party in a couple of weeks. They also have guests coming for Thanksgiving, but I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to get it done in time for that. But now it looks like it could be all done in time for Thanksgiving, after all. It still needs to be assembled, and there could be some unexpected surprises still. But it is looking like it’s going to work out, and they’ll have it all together next week.