With buildings, the completion comes more slowly, and things need to be tweaked and balanced, whereas, with furniture, it’s more of a binary proposition. Of course, even in this case, there’s a bottom shelf to be adjusted a little bit, and the one cable needs to have a little more attention.  But, substantially, the L/S shelf is completed and assembled.  More importantly, and a vital concern for these clients, it was completed in time for their huge holiday party, which takes place next weekend.

The final assembly compares pretty well with the rendering.  For now, the steel is just gray; we weren’t able to get this done in stainless.  Later this winter, the plan is to disassemble the whole thing, and have the frame finished in some manner (probably powder coating, but maybe galvanizing) and make any other adjustments that need to be done.  Mike also wants to touch up the wood finish at that time, though it was fun to see everyone petting the new furniture once we had it up.

It took a little more fussing and adjusting than an IKEA shelf would for us to assemble it, although I did give the 1/2″ Allen wrench to the clients (it’s for the socket head screws connecting the arms to the base), but then we squared it up and leveled it much more carefully than just putting together an IKEA project.

That said, though, I think that this could be done as a kit shelf.  It’s a bit of an undertaking to put it all together, and needs a bit more ability than just putting together commercial furniture.  Locally, I’m sure something could be arranged for us to come and assemble it.  Shipping the pieces would be a possibility, too, though the steel pieces are not light.  The modular nature of it also makes it possible to come up with other material choices for the shelves other than the wood (though I do really like to combination of steel and birch).

Thanks to Klapperich Welding (steel fabrication), Kessler Design + Build (wood shelves and installation assistance), Gyfford Productions (cable assemblies), Stadium Hardware (connection hardware).  Better pictures will be forthcoming, as well.  This was just the quick and dirty point and shoot as we were putting it together.