Free Green – the organization holding the Who’s next competition that my Italia9 house was designed for – is planning to have all of the 386 entries they received available for public viewing. As soon as there’s a link for it, I’ll post it, as well as a link to my project.

Their internal judging to select the 50 finalists is supposed to be complete on the 15th. Public voting among those will begin on January 16, 2011.

I got some feedback from friends this week who love the plan, but they weren’t so sure about the name. In other circumstances, I probably wouldn’t have used a name like that, but I wanted something that would be catchy and different for the public voting portion (assuming I make it to that level).

I also purposely made this less elaborate in a few ways (such as not including a projecting vestibule, although that would certainly be a useful thing to have) in order to keep this design affordably buildable. Cost effectiveness is one of the criteria in the competition, and I wanted to keep things simple for that reason. But it would not be difficult to have an alternate where a projecting vestibule provided a nicer entry. I also considered a variant with the great room on the upper level, under the cupola, and the master bedroom on the lower level. It’s an unconventional configuration, but there would be some interesting possibilities available in a version like that, too.