The voting has finally gotten underway at FreeGreen for the Who’s Next 2.0 contest. While the p s proefrock architecture entry doesn’t seem to be showing up on the finalist page. However, if you go to it with the direct link, it does look like you can still vote for it. Even better, when I looked at the standings this morning, I had more votes than 7 of the 12 Traditional category finalists. The voting period is supposed to run through the 29th of January, so, as long as it looks like it could be beneficial, I will continue to encourage people to vote.

I have my own ideas about why the Italia9 entry isn’t among the finalists. I had reservations about it even when I submitted it, but I didn’t want to slag my own work from the outset. I can be extremely self-critical, and while it can be useful to be able to identify one’s weaknesses, it can also be counterproductive if it’s done too publicly. I’m happy to discuss other people’s criticisms, and I encourage comments (either here or on the contest page), but I’ll withhold discussion of my own criticism until after the whole thing is over.