NAIAS 2011 CredentialIn addition to the coverage of the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS 2011) that I’ve done for EcoGeek, this year I’ve also written a piece about going to the Auto Show for the Ann Arbor Chronicle. Rather than trying to be a “car guy,” this gave me a chance to talk about what it’s like to have a press pass when you aren’t a full-time journalist.

I am not a journalist – I just play one, as the saying goes.

So what was I doing at the Press Preview of the North American International Auto Show a few days ago at Cobo Hall? Even though I’m an architect in my day job, I also do some writing for, a blog focused on issues of technology and the environment. And I’ve also contributed to several other online media outlets in the past few years.

My writing sideline started with a focus on green building technology. But because of my proximity to Detroit, I found myself receiving forwarded invitations to auto industry events.

So while I’ve never particularly thought of myself as a “car guy,” I’ve come to find myself acting in the capacity of an automotive journalist. I have now attended the North American International Auto Show three or four times as a member of the press.

Despite having developed some familiarity with the process, I still feel like an interloper – as though I’m getting away with sneaking in someplace I’m not supposed to be.

[Full article on Ann Arbor Chronicle]

It’s a longer, more narrative piece compared to most of the other things I’ve written recently. I had a lot of fun writing the article, as well. There are still a lot of things that I saw that I haven’t written about in one way or another, and there are also lots of things that I wanted to find out more about, but I just didn’t have time for. That’s just how it goes.