4 printers in series I saw this article on BoingBoing about a book being produced by using four printers linked together, and I had a flashback to a project of mine almost 20 years ago. The project in the article used stencil duplicator, spirit duplicator, laser printer, and inkjet printer each printing a single color to produce full-color output. And the idea of combining technologies in an ahistoric fashion was what I was interested in with my project, as well.

I took some printmaking classes while I was an undergraduate, but I never did anything with lithography. So, although I was an MFA graduate, I took an evening class at the Toledo Museum of Art to learn lithography. I did a couple pieces with drawing and working on stones, but I also did some photolithography. At the time, I had an Amiga computer which I was using to do some image construction and manipulation. For this project, I created a digital collage and, since I didn’t own a printer myself, I had to take it to an Amiga store and print out the image as a set of 4 color-separated pages. Then, I took those dot-matrix pages to a copy store and had them copied onto transparency material. With those transparencies, I burned a set of photolithographic plates. At last, I printed the four plates in succession with their appropriate colors (magenta, cyan, yellow, and black) in order to produce a kind of four color final image.

The final images from this installation were fuzzy and imperfectly registered, like my own prints. Mostly though, I’m intrigued to find someone else doing a similar kind of project and playing with different levels of technology in an unusual way.