Last fall, I designed a chicken coop for a competition. My entry (called NeSTCooP) didn’t win, but it did get some recognition from the judges.

For a while, I was thinking that I would try to develop the plans and sell them myself, but I’ve found that there are lots and lots and lots of chicken coop plans already on the web. Some are free, others are for sale, but it’s already a crowded field.

Instead, my neighbor and I are working out trying to start building and marketing these in some form or other, and I’ve created a Facebook page for NeSTCooP. We’re getting close to building a prototype for someone who is interested in having one built.

The version pictured is the chicken tractor version, which can be moved around the yard, instead of having to always be in one place. There are also other variants that can be built. Part of the intent with this design was that it would be possible to have different arrangements depending on individual needs, and that it would be possible to modify the coop if configuration changes were necessary.

Maybe we’ll sell these as kits, with materials and assembly instructions, as an IKEA-like flatpack. We don’t have that worked out, but we’d certainly be interested in feedback about the idea.

Chicken coops are turning up all over. The growing popularity of chicken coops even made it into an article on Custom Home. I’m also contemplating doing a Kickstarter project for NeSTCooP. If we do that, there may be some fun things we’ll come up with besides full-built coops or kits.

If you’re interested in chickens and coops, follow NeSTCooP on Facebook; I’ll be keeping things on that front updated there.

(ETA: And yes, there is a reason behind the goofy orthography in the spelling of the name ‘NeSTCooP’)