How can a “national standard” be sequestered behind a cash register and subject to copyright?

I was sitting on this for a while, in part because the embed code didn’t work when I first tried it. It seems to be working now, at least when I looked at it, so at least some of you can just watch the video right here. I’m also going to include a link to YouTube for this in case the embed breaks.

This was an Ignite presentation. It’s only 5-minutes long (like all Ignite presentations), so I encourage you to watch it.

Carl Malamud is termed a “rogue archivist” by the BoingBoing folks, and is an advocate for making building codes and other government resources freely available, instead of locking the information up in expensive volumes. Those of you who know me well know that I’m pretty much in the camp of freely available information, and this is clearly information that ought not be kept difficult for people to obtain. Listen to Carl make the case:

Is there a reason that building codes (and similar regulations that fundamentally touch on daily life) should not be freely available to all citizens? If you are required to know the law you are supposed to follow, shouldn’t you be able to read it to know what it is?

via: BoingBoing

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