Quick links related to the practice of architecture, and perhaps more specifically about connecting people who may need architects and the architects who could help them.

At Architizer, they are planning a Free Design Clinic, a group activity that is somewhat reminiscent of the ‘Architecture 5 Cents’ booth in Seattle a while back. It’s only in Los Angeles, as far as I can tell, but it’s an interesting way to help make people aware of what architects can do for them.

More interestingly (though less relevant for me at present), Andrew Maynard Architects posted an article about Overexposure, wondering “Can media exposure scare away potential clients rather than attracting them?” Maynard has been in architecture for about as long as I have, but he’s gotten some acclaim and international recognition, which I have not. (I follow him on Twitter; he doesn’t follow me.)

The question about remaining accessible while engaging in publicity is an interesting one. How does one develop an unusual practice while still remaining accessible for the people you want to serve? Maynard seems to have landed at a point with a comfortable balance between the two.

Lastly, Residential Architect had a recent article about sole practitioners which doesn’t say a lot beyond recognizing that there are a lot of new sole practitioner practices out there.

[Edit to add: Lloyd Alter has noted his thoughts about Maynard and about publicity on Treehugger.]