[Originally posted at EcoGeek. Wave power is definitely high on the EcoGeek spectrum, but it’s been very difficult to implement (the sea is a harsh place to work) and had to face lots of regulatory hurdles. But the idea of an old tanker filled with batteries and generating megawatts of electricity is a compelling vision.]

Wave power is an intriguing but difficult proposition. It offers a fairly steady source of power that is more regular than many other renewable power systems, but the marine environment is particularly harsh and difficult to work in. A number of wave power projects have struggled in the past few years, which shows how difficult this approach can be.

mobile wave power generating system proposed by Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation would install wave generators along with banks of storage batteries onto ships or barges for portable wave power generation. The ship would go to sea and deploy its generators, and then return back to port and connect its batteries to the grid when it was fully charged.

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