Science Fiction Materials for Your Home” is a presentation I’ve given a couple of times now (it’s a little different each time I’ve done it). This past weekend, it was one of two presentations I gave at Penguicon 2012.

The premise for the presentation is that there are a number of construction materials that have very intriguing properties. Even if these aren’t necessarily widely available or affordable, they are products that seem to come from science fiction. And while these aren’t things you’re likely going to put into your home next year, it’s interesting to see what materials are being developed. And perhaps someone will eventually be interested in doing a project that incorporates some of these materials.

Attached below you can find a link to a PDF of my presentation (which is mostly just a set of images that I use to illustrate the discussion), as well as a set of links to original articles (many that are articles I wrote for EcoGeek and JetsonGreen) talking about these materials. The list is long enough to warrant being behind a cut.


Reference Article Links: