In the next few months, p s proefrock architecture is going to start dialing back. I am in the process of merging my practice into a new firm. Those of you interested in my work will probably want to follow over as a new practice is coming together and we are getting ready to launch our new firm at the beginning of next year. We’re still putting things together, so this isn’t the big, formal announcement; it’s more of a soft-launch right now. But if you are close enough to be following me in some fashion, then you’re probably someone who will be interested in knowing what’s going on.

When I first started my own firm, I was pretty sure that I was going to work as a single-practitioner. The economy was going into free-fall (though I don’t think anyone anticipated the depths of that at the time). I wasn’t sure what other things I might be doing, along with architecture, so I saw my practice as potentially wide-ranging and unconfined, in a way that a larger practice might not be able to be. And there didn’t seem to be much work going on.

CoStudio-logo-greenEvery step of the way has not been exhaustively documented, but, although there have been forays into furniture design and other related areas, much of the work has been architectural. And, beginning about a year ago, I started again in collaboration with another firm (MSK Architects). That experience has been a positive experience for both of us, and beginning in January, we are going to be combining our individual practices to start CoStudio Architects (for right now, this forwards to MSK Architects website; this note will be removed when that is no longer the case).

It’s always good to start out a new firm with a new project, and in our case, we accelerated some of our decision making about the new firm name (and we gave due consideration to advice about naming a firm) because we had a project that came up even before we started doing any serious marketing. So there will be new projects as well as our current collaboration to talk about in the near future.

We are going to have a social media presence on places like Houzz, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook (ugh), and Pinterest, but don’t expect to see a whole lot there right now.

But soon, there will be more to follow.