Although this is all just conceptual, preliminary investigation to see if they want to go forward with the project, I’ve been looking at a few alternatives for the building renovation I’ve been consulting on. The process has been less than ideal, because I have had to produce drawings that were used for cost estimating, but without a clear program in place. What I’ve done incorporates a number of the features we have been discussing, and it might be adequate for a cost estimate, although cost is definitely a concern, especially after some feedback that we got about this.

I’ve pared down the entrance addition considerably from the first version. There was a lot of not very necessary, not very useful space in that, so it is reduced to a small vestibule. I think it could be great to suspend some kind of planter container under the bowstring trusses and have plants and vines growing up into the trusses and helping to provide summertime shading.

Aluminum sunshades are also apparently a very expensive item. I think I’ve come up with an alternative that would be less than half the cost, and would be a more interesting design than stock items. It doesn’t render very well (I’m showing it as a translucent material, but I probably ought to go back to something opaque and metallic). Vertical screens on the porch would likewise have some degree of opacity, but not 100%. Hard to model that for now.