The FreeGreen contest may eventually have individual entries available for public viewing, even if they don’t make the cut for the semifinals and the public voting.  But, part of the point of doing this is to use the opportunity for publicity and to get public feedback about the design.  So I am going to post all nine images and the accompanying descriptions of the Italia9 (like Nigel Tufnel’s amp, it’s one more than an Italian8).

Being a plan house, it’s fairly generic and could be detailed to meet particular client desires.  For example, if it was bumped out another foot (or some space was reclaimed from the rather generous wide stair), it would be much easier to shift the Laundry room over adjacent to the half-bath, so that it was more out-of-the way.  The nook created by the stair also opens itself to a number of possibilities.

The program is for a new residence for a family of 4:  “They have given much thought (and time) to buying an existing home as Tim is a stickler for traditional or “normal” looking homes, but Linda (an avid Dwell reader), just can’t find a place that has the open floor plan and clean interiors that she desires. She feels that many traditional homes waste squarefootage on rooms and features her family will rarely use. Money spent on formal dining rooms and fireplaces could be better serve them on features they could use every day like a mudroom, more storage space, and possibly a homework nook. That said, Tim and Linda have finally agreed (partially to save their marrige) on finding a lot in their suburban\rural town and building a traditional looking home with interior spaces that will fit their contemporary lifestyle…”